Over the last decade, Comedy and cultural entertainment has developed to become a centre of attraction to millions around Africa and other parts of the world. The strength of comedy as an arm of entertainment in communal living and as a desk of unity cannot be over emphasised.
Comedy does defiles language, colour, religion, race and all elements of diversity, thereby creating a free platform where people of different religion, language and race come together to have fun and network.

With the increasing African community in Qatar, there is need to create a platform for Africans and foreign lovers of African comedy resident in Qatar to have fun in the African way. Creating an atmosphere of humour for all and most importantly, ensuring a platform for Africans and non-Africans to unite, network and show the beauty of peace and togetherness which Qatar represent.

ORYX GROUP in Partnership with RUBY EVENTS Qatar will organise the 2020 Africa Comedy Festival. An event dedicated to Africans and non-Africans, to promote the African identity and to improve African cultural and entertainment interactions in Qatar.

This is a new innovation as nothing of such has been held in Qatar. Africans in Qatar will have an unforgettable experience with a feel of humours from some of the best of African comedians.

The event will consist of stand-up comedy, staged comedy acts by comedians from Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda and cultural performances. The event will be anchored by a Nigerian celebrated artist.

The African Comedy Festival is a desired event by thousands of Africans and non-African individuals and families in Qatar courtesy of the quality of star comedians proposed to perform in the event. Tickets will be sold for the event.
Importantly; the event will be absolutely Non-Alcoholic event and family event.

The event will help promote African engagements here in Qatar to Africans living back home in Africa and around the globe. There will be absolute wide pre-event and post-event media coverage around nations of African, this will help Africans around the world to know and have more knowledge about Qatar, the land of comfort to Africans and have good interest in Qatar, as we get closer to Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.
During the Festival, we will be promoting Africa and also Qatar’s preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup to the Africa Media. We are dedicated to ensuring Africans resident in Qatar contribute to a successful hosting of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Finally, the Comedy Festival will strengthen the Qatar-Africa entertainment relationship.

Objectives Of The Event

African Comedy Festival is organised to promote Africa and foster unity amongst Africans and Non-Africans in Qatar defiling age, language, colour, religion, race and all elements of diversity in a humorous atmosphere where all guest will have memorable experience whilst enhancing Qatar global image through entertainment.

Targeted Audience

African Comedy Festival will target all lovers of African comedy in Qatar. Entry will be allowed for all nationals in Qatar and visitors notwithstanding countries of origin.

Kids are not left out of this memorable fun atmosphere. The event will be kids friendly, No Alcohol will be served or sold at the events, hence entrance will be allowed for kids of all ages, this will help create limitless family fun moments.
Expected guest volume: 3,000


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    Emmanualla & Mark Angel Comedy Group

    From Nigeria

  • null

    Whale Mouth

    From Nigeria

  • null


    From Uganda

  • null

    Eric Omondi

    From Kenya

  • null

    Twegate Dancing Group

    Based in Qatar

  • null

    Green Maasai Troupe

    Based in Qatar


ACF DATE: Friday 6th March 2020

  • African Comedy Festival Night


  • Gate Opens by 16:00
  • Events Starts by 17:30
  • Gate Closes by: 22:30


Al Jewan Hall, Dana Club, West Bay, Doha, Qatar



Emmanuella & Mark Angel Comedy Team 

From Nigeria 
2 Salvador  From Uganda 
3 Eric Omondi  From Kenya 
4 Whalemouth (Event MC)  From Nigeria 
5 TWEGATE Dance Group  Ugandan Cultural Dance Group Resident in Qatar
6 Green Maasai Troupe Cultural Dance Group Resident in Qatar